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Made me locate my CD of Messiaen's Quatour pour la fin du temps. The story is quite unique, but the last movement grabs me and clears my mind. No multi-tasking during it. From the sea to the river some Palestinians need to become free, although I am not sure they are worthy.

Thank you and Dafna for the update.


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Well alas kids are like that, often enough. Anything to shock the older generation. Boomer college kids wore Che Guevera shirts to college in the 60s and spat on servicemen returning from Vietnam. College kids were thrilled about Stalin (and even Hitler) in the 30s, a fact a fair number of them tried to conceal 20 years later when it was no longer considered excusable folly of youth. It's why we used to not let them vote until they were at least 21, sometimes older. As American society has increasingly fetishized youth, and worn down ancient standards of respect your elders 'cause Ye School O' Hard Knocks has taught them a thing or two about the difference between theory and reality -- this malign influence has only become more prevalent. We now have a failure of a President who quite seriously -- and unhappily maybe even corrrectly -- thinks he can simply buy the votes of the young by forgiving their most common form of serious debt (student loans), like a worthless dissipate Roman Emperor paying off the Praetorians.

To be fair, idiocy, sometimes cruel idiocy, among the young is somewhat inevitable. When you are young, you just don't have the lived experience -- the data. You are very easily fooled, by hucksters and liars, and even by yourself, by fancy words, by appeals to fitting in or FOMO, by colorful arguments rooted in delusion and deception, and can end up saying and doing things that the common sense of someone older would rule out immediately.

The good news is that the data in that table show that as people get older, they become more sensible. The bad news, though, is how long it takes -- and how wisdom arrives very late, and sometimes not at all, for some significant chunk of us.

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I pity Professor Dafna Eylon, because she seeks a cease fire as soon as (if ever) the hostages are all (dead or) dribbled out. To go back to October 6.

Israel, to its credit, is not so suicidal. Not even the leftmost responsible parties.

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Roberto, I am sure we agree that the world needs to see Hamas for who/what it is. I truly hope you are shaing your views with those around you and decision makers.

We know there is not a single citizen in the world who would be willing to live under threat that at any moment they might live though an October 7th Hamas massacre that included rape, murder, kinapping, and having family members mutilated in front of them.

However, many, maybe even the majority, know all you know which is problematic on so many levels, including that the west is next...

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